About Curious Spark

Curious Spark’s mission is to champion curiosity, in heritage, our cultures and the arts to spark positive change in people, places and spaces.

Our work brings to life complex histories through immersive storytelling and participation. We collaborate with a range of partners to engage audiences with heritage and immersive technology, deepening experiences, encouraging meaningful discussion and emboldening a pride in places.

What are we up to in 2024

We continue to work with Infinite Form a Norwich-based creative production studio doing wild and wonderful things in the world of immersive technology.

In 2028 it will be the 450th anniversary of the 1578 Elizabethan Progress across East Anglian.

From 2024 we will begin a period of research and development to explore the entire journey to create a 1578 Augmented Reality Map App celebrating the 450th anniversary in 2028 and sharing the untold stories of marginalised voices and alternative narratives.

We are looking to work with a diverse and inclusive network of artists, partners, young people and communities to learn about this history in ways that feel relevant, collaborative and impactful.

We will be visiting places in:
Greenwich and Richmond, London

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in this project.

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