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If you are looking at this page you are probably wondering how Curious Spark came into existence.

I’m Sarah Power, Director of Curious Spark, a not-for-profit heritage, arts and cultural education company.

I’m heading into my next half-century with lots of work and life experience, but more importantly with LOADS of passion and drive for sharing the joy that curiosity in the world around us can bring.

Originally a gal from Grimsby, I moved to Norfolk at the tender age of 17 to start my career as a chef. Life in the catering sector was great for a young person and I picked up a lot of skills managing places and teams and gaining a sixth sense for customers’ needs and desires.

After a decade in that industry, my children were born and my passion for education returned. I volunteered in my local primary school, then became a Teaching Assistant helping pupils who were struggling in their early years to read and write.

My headteacher suggested that I would be a great teacher. However, even though I had loved school and studied hard I gained no suitable qualifications to go to uni! So at 36 with two young children in tow, I took an adult ‘Access’ course and gained entry to study history at the University of East Anglia. Within a few weeks, I was identified with dyslexia. This change my life forever and for the better! With pastoral support at UEA I gained a First-Class Honours degree in History and have not looked back.

I never went on to become a teacher, although I continued to be involved with formal education as a school governor. The addictiveness of ‘doing history’ had got me. I took on roles with Norfolk Museum Service, working at most of the museums around the county delivering public and school activities. From there I became Volunteer and Engagement Manager at Dragon Hall, took a similar role with Norwich HEART and became Learning and Events Manager for The Forum Norwich.

With over 30 years of working and learning experiences behind me, I am now running my own not-for-profit company, Curious Spark. The reason? I am passionate about learning and sparking people’s curiosity to want to know more about their places and spaces through heritage and culture, inspiring them to reveal and celebrate their ‘community’ in creative ways.

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