Putting on a Pageant 1578


The ‘Putting on a Pageant 1578’ FREE* literacy and local history programme (POP 1578) focuses on the extraordinary visit by Queen Elizabeth I to Norwich in August 1578, an occasion of colourful city-wide pageantry, festivity, and entertainments of many kinds.

The methodology used in the POP 1578 is a method termed ‘Structured Stories through Immersive Adventures’. This approach makes use of Google Slides to be work through on school whiteboards complemented by loads of resources including teaching guidance, story maps and scripts, film clips of historical characters, drama games and art practitioners to stimulate student’s imagination, confidence and active participation. * £50 per school registration.

Including POP 1578 in your class planning could not be simpler. Either follow one of the suggested 12-week schedules, included with the programme, or use it flexibly, including it across your planning to suit your time frame.

Once registration is complete take a good look through the programme and if required book a free individual or team meeting with Curious Spark who will run through the programme and answer any questions. Then you’ll be ready to get started!

Each of the 10 POP 1578 sessions has guidance and lesson plans to read through prior to delivery. There will be some preparation and printing of resources needed and organising occasional art resources and implements to be available ahead of time. You may need to book rooms for drama activities, although many can be done in class. 

Explore More at Home

To truly embed the POP 1578 approach, we ask that the parents/carers of your pupils become involved with ‘Explore More at Home’. This involves short, simple talking activities as ‘homework’ as well as 3 exciting filmed parent/carer and child ‘half day’ creative activity sessions, including; filmed drama games, animation and art sessions which can be enjoyed by children, parents and carers at home or as in-school session. Explore More at Home’ fosters good communication skills and parent, carer, school connectivity. 

There are ‘Explore More at Home’ letters already included as resources for you personalise with school details, dates and times so it is a good idea to plan when to send these out to gain the maximum attendance by parent/carers.