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Here at Curious Spark, we are always busy developing and running new projects.

Currently, we are waiting on a decision from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to start a project called Putting on a Progress 1578: Pageantry, People and Places.

If we are successful we will have three new positions available: Project Manager and a company role to design and make a series of VR 360° films. These are open to apply for NOW! Then opening soon a Kick Start Scheme post; Trainee Project Assistant.

About the Project

Putting on a Progress 1578: Pageantry, People and Places

On 11 July 1578, Queen Elizabeth I set off from her royal palace in Greenwich on her unique royal progress which would see an immense throng of people, including her royal household and foreign ambassadors, journey North. They travelled across East Anglia to her destination, Norwich, Norfolk. During this progress intriguing privy council meetings took place and iconographic pageantry was performed. This project will hone in on the pageantry, places and people of Suffolk and Norfolk, researching the original sources written during and shortly after the 1578 progress to Norwich and create unique immersive experiences for audiences.                                        


Using locked room gamification techniques and virtual reality technology, we will collaborate with secondary schools, youth groups, wellbeing organisations, archives and heritage centres, independent museums and historic houses and places to dramatically animate the key moments played out as conversations or entertainment; enlightening, emboldening and enhancing the heritage of mostly rural areas once visited by QEI.

To acheive this we shall be researching, writing, filming and producing actor-led, historically placed-based, 360-degree shot immersive locked-room experiences, uploaded onto quality VR headsets which will be used by schools, youth groups, museums, heritage organisations, heritage community groups and archive centres to allow their audiences to enter an Elizabethan world where they will matter to the narrative.

Into the Unknown

‘Into the Unknown’ is a part of the project, where we will focus on engagement with adults who do not necessarily engage with heritage and have experienced mental health issues aggravated by or brought on by their own experience of isolation during the period of the COVID 19 pandemic. We aim to work with them to develop creative responses to the 1578 progress and their isolation to reveal the positive effect of ‘heritage-triggered’ thinking and how cultural inclusion is relevant to finding connectedness, a sense of belonging and an ability to relate to others by seeing things from different perspectives.

Project Job Opportunities

To apply for a role with the POP 1578 VR project please click the appropriate link below.
(*please note each role is dependent on our successful funding application to the NLHF)

Heritage Project Assistant

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