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Here at Curious Spark, we are always busy developing and running new projects.

Currently, there are several freelance roles and volunteer roles open to apply for to support our latest project called Putting on a Progress 1578: Pageantry, People and Places.

You can click on the links at the bottom of this page to read about these and learn how to apply.


About the Project

On 11 July 1578, Queen Elizabeth I set off from her royal palace in Greenwich on her unique royal progress which would see an immense throng of around 200 people, including Her Majesty’s royal household and foreign ambassadors, journey North. They travelled across East Anglia to her destination, Norwich, Norfolk.

During this progress intriguing privy council meetings took place and iconographic pageantry was performed. This project will hone in on the pageantry, places and people of Suffolk and Norfolk, researching the original sources written during and shortly after the 1578 progress to Norwich and create unique immersive experiences for audiences.



Who? Where? What?

We are engaging with audiences in schools, libraries, youth groups, wellbeing organisations, archives and heritage centres, independent museums and historic houses and places to immerse people in the key moments told by real actors in authentic Elizabethan rooms. We meet our protagonists in their Privy Council chambers, in the Queen’s bedchamber and as they walk through the passageways of historic homes. We will be listening in on their conversations, and arguments, and as they enjoy themselves during the entertainment put on during their journey. We aim to enlighten, embolden and enhance the heritage of this spectacular event in our region in 1578. However, you need to be prepared to complete the tasks and earn yourself the status of one of Walsingham’s Watcher!

Volunteer with Us!

We are looking for fit, happy volunteers to assist our Digital Learning Heritage Officer as they deliver sessions in all the fabulous partner organisations. You will need to enjoy supporting our activities with a variety of ages and abilities, be in excellent health and have good mobility to be able to assist in lifting and shifting tech equipment and furniture such as tables and chairs. Beyond all that you will have knowledge about Tudor History and a passion to share it with audiences across Norfolk and Suffolk! You will receive full training on the POP 1578 Immersive Experience tech equipment, so go on do something different and join our crew!

Click on the Volunteer With Us link below to download an application form

Into the Unknown

Artistic Volunteers Needed

We are keen to receive volunteer applications from people who can assist our POP 1578: Into the Unknown project lead artists to encourage creativity with participants in public drop-in sessions, groups and schools.
We would also like to offer time with our artists as they plan and up scale the windows, install the artwork and it all take down!

You might have teaching experience in an arts environment or simply like to encourage others to be confident to find their own creativity.
A good level of fitness is required as lots of bending and stretching and setting up the furniture and materials for the arts sessions.

Into the Unknown

People in the places visited by the 1578 Progress are being invited to create vibrant, illuminated window displays, inspired by this incredible royal journey. In contrast, we shall reflect on how we became isolated and our travel plans were cancelled due to the lockdown restrictions during the COVID 19 pandemic.
Our human spirit may have felt dampened, but our need to explore stimulated unexpected reactions. We became limited, yet lively observers and curious surveyors of our own neighbourhoods. We spent more time in our gardens, enjoyed nature in local parks and stumbled across the history of our roads, streets and lanes. Joy could be found with neighbours waving hellos and the changing sky filled with many more birds enjoying the quietness of the earth.

Along with silhouettes of Elizabethan themes ‘POP 1578: Into the Unknown’ will use silhouettes of local birds as symbols of freedom throughout all our window displays. Our feathered friends will become witnesses to the 1578 Royal Progress and our own recently restricted lives.

The majority of displays created will shine through windows Mid-January to Mid-February 2023. Every window design will count and be displayed.

How many windows will we make- 1578 maybe!

Job and Volunteer Opportunities

To apply for a role with the POP 1578 VR project please click the appropriate link below.

Digital Heritage Learning Officer

Arts Event Coordinator

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