Kure Kure Faraway 


“I am a proud Bantu, Munhu, Ubuntu – human being. My identity, my history, my ancestral beliefs, my DNA has made me who I am. I am everything and everyone who has lived before me.”  Anna Mudeka


Reaching back to the Bantu migration some 5000 years ago from the Tanganyika and Baka tribal regions, Anna Mudeka takes audiences on an inspirational journey to modern-day Zimbabwe, London and Norfolk.

The show pays homage to great ancestors of Zimbabwe with a focus on Nehanda – the powerful female warrior who united the tribes and led the first Chimurenga war in 1896-7.

Anna tells stories from her childhood in a free Zimbabwe – about the influence of her grandmother and the difficult decision to leave and pursue her dream as an artist in the UK. Kure Kure/Faraway speaks of the challenges and opportunities of starting a new life in a different country, this narrative rings true to contemporary lives and tackles issues facing the world today, posing important questions around migration, cultural identity and changing belief systems.

Authentic live and recorded music permeates this thought-provoking show as Anna showcases traditional skills; haunting vocals, highly accomplished mbira playing, dancing and drumming accompanied by multi-media visuals.


What’s in the Kure Kure Teacher Pack


  • A downloadable 12-minute long assembly film which introduces students to Anna Mudeka and the history of her home country, Zimbabwe and includes extracts from the show.
  • Workshop: Anna will come into school to lead an interactive workshop including music played on the mbira, as well as singing and discussion about the show’s themes, related to her search for identity as a Zimbabwean woman living in Norfolk and how her ancestors and her history help to make her what she is today. The workshop will be delivered assembly style or to individual year-groups or classes. It will last between 60-90 minutes depending on the needs of the school.
  • Five short, downloadable, KS3 classroom activities linked to the Kure Kure performance. Each activity is kicked off with a short extract film clip from the Kure Kure performance. There are also two longer extension activities.


Classroom Activities

1 – Anna’s World

A ‘Chatterbox’ activity getting to know all about the people and places in Anna’s life.

2 – The Lottery of Cecil Rhodes’ Life

Cecil Rhodes was quoted as saying “You are an Englishman and have subsequently drawn the greatest prize in the lottery of life.” We take look at the life and legacy of Cecil Rhodes in numbers

3 – In Our Shoes: Anna and Evelyn’s postcards

Students will put themselves in Anna’s, or her Mum, Evelyn’s shoes and write a postcard to the UK or Rugare.

4 – You Got the Rhythm in YOU!

Anna explains the beats and leads the class on a rhythm mission!

5 – A Leopard can change its spots!

Students will take inspiration from the textiles and colours of Zimbabwe to create their own African textile. Then transfer their design onto an outline of a Leopard.


Extension Activities (will incur additional costs, time and requires a large space)

1 – Making Masks

This activity takes a bit more planning and incurs costs! BUT it is brilliant fun and the end product is dramatic!


The offer is partly funded by the Arts Council, with the school being charged at a subsidised fee of £150